Life Is Not Fair?

Today I feel a bit angry really. Making someone do something you don’t do yourself is bad. It’s hypocrisy. Some leaders I have met do that all the time. I am not that lucky with people. I have known mean famous bullies, hypocrite leaders, disappointing followers yet that didn’t move me from being me and […]

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Mental Health Matters.

MORNING. I am upset. Sometimes the days feel too long. I feel suicidal. But I am not a coward, so I keep living. I keep doing all the good things that I can do before it’s too late. Since the time I made the promise to do good and give up on evil, I have […]

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In The Middle Of The Darkness.

Morning and night. I have been through pain. Like everyone has, but since a couple of days, I have had really bad anxiety. I am sick with many diseases, but I never hide behind them. I am not afraid of anything. My beliefs taught me to fear things that are worthy of being feared. I […]

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Everyday Is A Celebration.

25 September 2018 MORNING I was a new myself today. I applied that beauty tip and found myself realizing that maybe sometimes something’s happen and they don’t have a reason. They happen because some people are just evil so I can’t really blame myself or blame others. The new teacher doesn’t seem to like me, […]

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6 Things To Do Before You Die.

Everybody dreams and thinks about all the things they have done or want to do. There are rarely people who are actually¬† doing them right now. The biggest mental battle since human history began is the battle against our own selves, our own troops. The struggle of staying in the present moment is the hardest […]

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