To My Beloved Father…

Have you ever missed someone? Like you can’t sleep unless you see them? I have and so I know what it means. It means the person you miss is probably the greatest person on planet Earth. Somebody everyone loves, but you love them just a lot more. That person means a lot to you, so […]

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An Easier Way To Get Things Done.

I have dreams and I have excuses, I choose which one I take, I choose none. Because things can be done in an easier way. I choose simplicity and straightforwardness. Remember when you felt like you were facing all your foes and things were getting difficult and more difficult, yes it is difficult.But here’s the […]

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How To Keep On Developing?

  Personality development may look easy on the outside but in actuality it is far more complex. Many psychologists have thought on this topic like Piaget and Freud. They came up with personality development theories. Some say by the age of 30 or 40 personality is set. While some people say environmental changes keep on […]

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In The Middle Of The Darkness.

Morning and night. I have been through pain. Like everyone has, but since a couple of days, I have had really bad anxiety. I am sick with many diseases, but I never hide behind them. I am not afraid of anything. My beliefs taught me to fear things that are worthy of being feared. I […]

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