Save Yourself From The Chaos.

I am sad again. If you could feel my pain, you would know what terrible things have happened to me. I am not ungrateful but just tired. Sometimes I lose the will to live. There’s so much emotional pain. People keep making me feel bad about myself like all that’s happen to me is my […]

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6 Things To Do Before You Die.

Everybody dreams and thinks about all the things they have done or want to do. There are rarely people who are actually¬† doing them right now. The biggest mental battle since human history began is the battle against our own selves, our own troops. The struggle of staying in the present moment is the hardest […]

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I am a beginner in this field. It’s fascinating how words can change lives and alter the future. Words are the attitude of the mind, a portrayal of the manifest desires of the heart. It is the prosperity hands can create and the language that can change the world. Welcome to a place where you […]

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