To My Beloved Father…

Have you ever missed someone? Like you can’t sleep unless you see them? I have and so I know what it means. It means the person you miss is probably the greatest person on planet Earth. Somebody everyone loves, but you love them just a lot more. That person means a lot to you, so […]

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Gratitude Changes Lives.

*Gratitude has the power to change lives* It can make the poor rich. Gratitude makes you grateful of what you have and when you count those blessings, they will be more than enough. But the best richness is the richness of the mind and the heart. If you have that you really have something to […]

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Nothing Is Bad At all.

26 September 2018 MORNING Today was boring. Everyone has bad days. This day was one of them for me. Honestly, routines are productive but boring. I wish I could break out of them. But I can’t, one day is enough to lag behind completely. I can enjoy but to balance that I need to work. […]

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