Books, Blog And Ideas.

Since I was a child, I was always taught rules. I followed them. I was young and afraid of my elders. But as I grew up, I developed a fascination with books. Through books I learned about different lives and I begun to analyse mine. I begun to think about life and started reading books […]

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Push yourself.

There’s a lot of excuses going on in our minds. We keep on justifying them. Wake up for college! 5 minutes more, I slept really late. Go to work on time! Hi Just this last episode. Eat healthy! It’s been a while since I ate fries or burger. We have tons of these excuses in […]

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Morning. Today I am completing another project while listening to Kelly Clarkson’s songs. The new songs and some other ones. It is great to have enough alone time. But sometimes it gets hard to keep a balance, ¬†between privacy and family. My family is amazing to me. We are each other’s support team, although we […]