To My Beloved Father…

Have you ever missed someone? Like you can’t sleep unless you see them? I have and so I know what it means. It means the person you miss is probably the greatest person on planet Earth. Somebody everyone loves, but you love them just a lot more. That person means a lot to you, so […]

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Save Yourself From The Chaos.

I am sad again. If you could feel my pain, you would know what terrible things have happened to me. I am not ungrateful but just tired. Sometimes I lose the will to live. There’s so much emotional pain. People keep making me feel bad about myself like all that’s happen to me is my […]

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I Wish Everyone Realized This.

Morning. Today was hard. I had this teacher who was mad at me and I had to rewrite an entire project. I have to present a ppt about India’s development during Narendra Modi’s president ship. I did really well. I am happy with it. I take a lot of efforts. People do come and go […]

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