Books, Blog And Ideas.

Since I was a child, I was always taught rules. I followed them. I was young and afraid of my elders. But as I grew up, I developed a fascination with books. Through books I learned about different lives and I begun to analyse mine. I begun to think about life and started reading books […]

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Gratitude Changes Lives.

*Gratitude has the power to change lives* It can make the poor rich. Gratitude makes you grateful of what you have and when you count those blessings, they will be more than enough. But the best richness is the richness of the mind and the heart. If you have that you really have something to […]

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The Dark Parts Of You.

The time you decide to be a better person than your older self, you realize the darkest things you have done, and it hurts. Pain is everyone’s familiar friend that they have seen. But they don’t want to see them anymore. It’s like the backsliding friend that makes you feel bad about yourself, every time […]

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