Books, Blog And Ideas.

Since I was a child, I was always taught rules. I followed them. I was young and afraid of my elders. But as I grew up, I developed a fascination with books. Through books I learned about different lives and I begun to analyse mine. I begun to think about life and started reading books […]

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Personal Journal.

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8 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones.

There’s many birthdays and anniversaries to remember and all are equally hard to remember. Gifts are harder to decide. Some relatives like personal gifts, while some prefer to have simple ones. One thing that always comes in handy is having a list of some gifts everyone would like. Like a trip to Disneyland or some […]

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I am a beginner in this field. It’s fascinating how words can change lives and alter the future. Words are the attitude of the mind, a portrayal of the manifest desires of the heart. It is the prosperity hands can create and the language that can change the world. Welcome to a place where you […]

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