Will Power And Determination.

I am home and better times have come. I feel happy and okay, better than before. The thing is I had some kind of sicknesses but through will power I got better. This is what this blog post is about today, will power. If you are an Indian or have interest in Bollywood movies, you […]

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Personal Journal.

via Personal Journal. If you liked my other posts, here’s more. Like and share it with your friends. Follow me for more. Comment me your feedback. You can subscribe through your email. Check out my website and my blog. Thank you. Help me reach a 100 followers and I will give you the pleasure of […]

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The Right To Happiness.

People find joy in recreation, relaxation and vacations. I find it in work. I love what I do. There’s always new things to try, but writing or reading a good book is my favorite thing to do. I have figured that you can find joy in the most lowly of feelings and toughest of situations. […]

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