6 Ways To Combat Stressful Changes.

You can’t grow without changes. Change is the natural state of things. It’s the only permanent thing in life. With age things change which causes development and growth. Changes are stressful but if we can manage and adjust ourselves during the time when we are in them, we can grow and accomplish great things. No […]

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Elite dreams.

via Elite dreams. Hey readers, check out my brand new page. I was thinking advertising a business for a long time. But instead I joined my mother’s business. This company started out 3 years ago and went on pretty big after that, 250 projects and crores of clients and customers. You can join the business […]

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Will Power And Determination.

I am home and better times have come. I feel happy and okay, better than before. The thing is I had some kind of sicknesses but through will power I got better. This is what this blog post is about today, will power. If you are an Indian or have interest in Bollywood movies, you […]

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Personal Journal.

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