To My Beloved Father…

Have you ever missed someone? Like you can’t sleep unless you see them?
I have and so I know what it means. It means the person you miss is probably the greatest person on planet Earth. Somebody everyone loves, but you love them just a lot more. That person means a lot to you, so you need to see them. But what if they’re gone?

It’s horrible but then you have a reason to remember them everyday, pray for them, wish wherever they are, they are safe. That they don’t have to suffer. Even though you hate something, you have that with you and use it to help that person.

We call it sadaqah and we pay it for every person we have loved and lost.

That whole lot of true compassion and respect for somebody. Mine is for a great man, he is like my father, well everyone’s father, but just a lot more to me. That’s true love, when you feel mutual and great lot of respect for somebody. I hope your person is safe and well.

I still miss him. I follow him, he is a part of my life, everyday.
I hope he is in paradise and I wish him well. This blog post is my respect to him. Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for leading me to the right path. Thank you for your knowledge. We all miss you.

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