Build Your Dream, Visualize, Clarity And Much More.

Need is very important here. Anything not needed goes to waste. Like when a farmer grows a crop he likes and he’s really good at, but it’s already in plenty and it’s not needed.

We all know why farmers grow cash crops. What if they harvested in rice crops?

The same goes here. Anything you do must have a right direction. Need means to know what, where and when to do what you are doing. You can’t be doing something that’s already available in plenty. There won’t be much need and so there will not be much profit. In fact there’s more chances you will fail.

That’s why we need CREATIVITY. Do same things an unusual way or do a complete out of the box thing. Everything is trial and error. Keep applying ideas till you find the right one. Once you have it, use it and build great things. You can build a dream.

So my first tips are:

Build a dream.

The concept of need

Think and act.

Attain clarity.

Visualize your goals.

What is building your dream?

It’s looking for the steps you need to get where you want to go. Take steps through your ideas.

Here’s where we get the choice.

You will have failed ideas. The choice is grieve over your loss, give in to the taunts and criticisms of people; or build success on that failure. Do something with the failure. Use it and make it into something meaningful.

Building a dream is not something you get involved in and it’s done. It takes maintenance, just like a building takes a foundation, years of efforts and maintenance.

You have to do everything you need to achieve what you want. But it doesn’t end there. To keep what you have, you will need to maintain it. Keep doing the required if you want to keep your dream.

The concept of need.

Need plays a big part in our lives. Everything arises out of a need. If you have the dream to become a lawyer, that is your want. But you needed a job in the first place, that makes it a need.

Need inspires a thought that turns into an action by your choice.

A need is everything. Need is what, which, where, why and when we work. When we need something, we want it. The origin is always a need. So without need everything you do, it becomes useless.

Check if what you are doing is needed. Lack of something attracts more of it. If you work according to the need of the place where you are doing your contribution, you will always be successful. Who doesn’t want something they don’t have?

Think and act.

This is clarity. Everytime a thought passes in your head, you have to think before it becomes an action.

Think about the tips introduced to you. Once you have a thought and you have formed an idea include how, where and when you are doing according to need or demand of the audience or the situation.

Your ideas should be visualized and put down in a plan or a schedule. Thinking sorts out and organizes your ideas. Put the schedule or vision somewhere that’s clear.

To be continued.

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