Books, Blog And Ideas.

Since I was a child, I was always taught rules. I followed them. I was young and afraid of my elders. But as I grew up, I developed a fascination with books. Through books I learned about different lives and I begun to analyse mine. I begun to think about life and started reading books about it

I remember my first book “the last lecture”, I was so amazed by the book that every single time I had spent away from it I was thinking about it. I was missing it.

That moment I realized I had fallen in love with books and I wanted more of them. I started reading fiction soon after that and fell in love with the Harry Potter world.

But the books that really caught my eye and changed my life were books like “the road to success” “think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill and Dale Carnegie books. Those books really got me thinking.

I discovered and invented my own theories and ideas about life and how to live it I became so well read and well educated that I developed a scientific temper for all things. This made me lose my knack for casual things. My normal life became complicated and I found my life interesting for a long time after depression.

That gave me the inspiration to start up a blog as a means for sharing my ideas with people. I have written about hundreds and thousands of posts. And all of them have helped me grow myself. In this post I want to share it with you, for true knowledge cannot be limited.

I have 5 really effective terms that I live by. They are goals for moving a step further every day. This is the first idea that I have to share with you. Analyse today and visualize how can you do extra effort tomorrow? Make a clear schedule or visualize your goals.

Once you have clarity. Discover yourself and your goals. Start to innovate. Begin to imagine. Think about all the things you could do. Break them into the things you want to do. Try them all. Look for what you are good at and contribute through that.

Here’s an idea to help you: Think of a farmer. He needs to plough and harvest his crops, he might not like his job at all. But he doesn’t have a choice. He has a job to do. He picks a land to grow his crops. But he has no knowledge about any land or crops. What will happen?

Disregardful Of where he grows his crops, they will fail because he has no knowledge of how and where to grow his crops.

This is what happen with us while choosing a task. People blindly follow what they find other people doing or whatever is in the trend. So many people fail with their contribution. They are like the farmers with the land. Any land can benefit but not all. He has to be careful with what he chooses.

Think before you act Know what you are doing before doing it.

So with your choice of contribution you have to pick the right one. Use trial and error.

Get some basic knowledge and begin to test. Find what you are good at and begin to do it, use your mind. Get creative. Let your imagination go wild. Try all thoughts that come to your mind. It will take many trials and errors before you combine your thoughts and actions together to form an idea.

For creativity, give your mind the intelligent it needs. Try watching, reading and listening to creatively intelligent speeches and books related to your job. Talk to many people. It will help you see clearly what the audience needs.

To be continued.

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