Gratitude Changes Lives.

*Gratitude has the power to change lives*

It can make the poor rich. Gratitude makes you grateful of what you have and when you count those blessings, they will be more than enough.

But the best richness is the richness of the mind and the heart. If you have that you really have something to be grateful for. The richness of heart and mind makes you more grateful. Gratitude is the happy way of life.

It’s a mode on which you can set a strong foundation of success. There is no success without gratitude. You can never be truly happy if you are not grateful. It changes how your life functions. It changes how you see the world.

It changes how you deal with people. It changes everything. When your focus is changed everything changes. That’s why gratitude works so well for people who are depressed or low.

If you are any of these people, here’s how to practice gratitude:

Show openly you are grateful: Act on gratitude, it’s great to stay positive. Do actions that show you are grateful. Say a simple thanks and show respect to everyone, rich or poor.

Become generous: Generosity means you have a lot, so you give. Give to your family, friends or close relatives. Those people have rights over your money.

Be careful with your generosity. Some people may take advantage of it. Become aware of people before giving them your money, time, land, property, etc.

Help others: Helping others shows that you are generous over all not only with money. If you help others, you will find more happiness than giving money or spending on yourself.

Give in charity: Charity shows that you are grateful. More than that, it shows you care about other people. So more starts coming your way. It makes you grateful and a good human being.

Spend on important things: Spending means you have heaps of money in the bank. Spend on like human organizations, UNICEF, WHO, NGO’s, etc. This shows you are grateful and kind to people who do not have what you have.

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