Push yourself.

There’s a lot of excuses going on in our minds. We keep on justifying them.

Wake up for college!

5 minutes more, I slept really late.

Go to work on time! Hi

Just this last episode.

Eat healthy!

It’s been a while since I ate fries or burger.

We have tons of these excuses in our heads. It’s no child’s play to deal with them. But we have to learn to push ourselves out of procrastination because we need these things. No one wants to fail, get sick or get fired. So we need to take an initiative to do the right things on the right time.

Whenever an excuse is on your mind. Don’t let yourself fall for it. Push yourself against it.

Sometimes all the solution you need is in one push.

One push can do a lot. It comes in different forms. A boss, a health problem, an accident, some criticism, etc. All of this impacts and transforms lives. It can transform yours.

You can use an incentive or take an initiative to do things on time. Go get yourself some good food or dress up for yourself.

Avoid laziness, restlessness, procrastination. Don’t delay work. Pick up a hobby for recreation. Balance your mind. It needs work and it needs play. Recreation makes you better able to do things. So that can work as a push. Don’t get stuck into it.

Get active. Eat good food and exercise a lot. Spend hours studying your work. Do hard work and hard effort. Forget about results. Detach yourself from them. They are out of our hands. It’s no use worrying. You will have the satisfaction without results because you worked hard.

Push yourself beyond limits. Hard work is the only way out. Yes, there’s smart work. But becoming smart takes efforts. So keep your eyes on the goal. Don’t move them unless you get to your goal.

Become brilliant. Learn and practice so much that no one can defeat you or bring you down. Reach to the best you can. Once you get there, you will want to go higher. You will become unstoppable. For no regrets in the future, push yourself now.

When you want something bad, you work for it

When you want something bad, you never stop trying to have it.

When you want something bad, you don’t care about anything else.

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