Why Sadness Is A Good Thing. (journal).

Deep in my heart my feelings were hurting, deep in my mind I was depressed, my body refused to eat any food. People were poking fun at me. My friends became an enemy and enemies became a part of my dull life.

I wanted a thrill. I wanted an adventure. So I sneaked out everyday looking for it. I found something far more precious.

I was a lost wanderer. I found the old wisdom. It was within me. I looked into myself, dumped all the self harming thoughts, took away and torn myself apart to remove all the wounds that was put in deep, I released all the tension and stress of pleasing other people. And I found myself.

The wisdom was always within me, I only had to look within, stop and think why I was living.

The picture was clear. I had the strongest potential to do great things. I had to share with the world that sadness is not bad, nothing is bad, we can do great things if we know what to do with that sadness.

The best things to do with sadness is to turn it into profit. Have a positive and prosperous mindset. Life is both sadness and happiness. So don’t give up while times are bad. Remember if there’s bad, there is going to be good.

For the sake of those good times, let’s not get hopeless now. Let the past be in the past, take whatever you need from it and move ahead. If you have that in mind, no failure will defeat you.

Sadness is dark and happiness is light. They both come and go. Sadness is a common feeling. Your crying doesn’t mean you are not fighting.

*The one’s who have the toughest battle are the ones born to rise*

There’s people everywhere, cheering and laughing together with families. I can hear the chatter going on everywhere. Don’t they see other people are in pain? Don’t they care? Don’t they feel?

Peace is lost and compassion and mercy are no longer there. But I know somewhere some good is waiting to defeat this evil.

This all is temporary, it will end. Happiness is in goodness and love. Violence should only be for defence. But yet lives are shattering down like broken glass and it’s shattered on the ground. It’s become painful for people . You can’t walk on it. The world’s turned cold.

There is good and happiness, but it’s only there if people are ready to leave their egos and believe. Believe in goodness and it’s power.

Goodness is free, takes time but wins better things like the love, respect and the memory of people. We should be one of them. What are we waiting for?

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