Don’t Follow Trends. Make Your Own.

I have gotten into this before. I used to blindly follow my ancestors. But then I got intelligent and wise with time. I begun to think and question.

I don’t follow what they used to follow. I use my mind. I have a modern understanding of what I do, I I am open minded and sharp.

This post is a message for all those people who get into things blindly without thinking about what they are doing.

Don’t believe anything except for what you have thought about and it makes sense to you.

People and things out there are going to hurt you. But we have to stay strong. We have to stop believing what other people say. It is all what they think you are, it is what they think is happening in your life. It’s not the reality.

To find out what is really happening, we have to keep people and society aside and think by our own minds. Start to read, think and talk to trustworthy people to find out the actual reality.

Don’t get fooled and blinded by the people and the society standards.

Ignorant is the term to describe people who are stuck in the society and it’s people, or by self limiting beliefs.

People can get easily fooled. But the people who will be fooled are ignorant people. People who are already fools. Don’t become one of them. Be original. Be unique. Be brilliant.

The best thing to be is independent of the society, it’s standards and it’s people.

Love yourself for who you are, not what people want you to be. All they want is their desire, they will see only that in you. Find people who will see the real you. Those people are rare. So find them and stick to them and be happy with who you are and what you have.

The biggest limiting belief is that “there is no more”. Thinking what ever you have is all that is there. You can have the world but still miss something out.

“There’s no more” means we have everything. Unless you think “there is more” you can’t increase what you have. To develop or discover something, we have to think “there’s more”; because to know more we have to find what’s in the dark.

Trust me, there is always something. Don’t listen to the society. “There’s more”is the most scientific, progressive and forward thinking. Unless the scientists started to find out more than they see, they would never know about the big bang theory, chaos theory, butterfly effect, the universe is expanding, etc. For discovery and innovation we need “there’s more than the society” That’s my message.

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