Jane Austen, Emma Donoghue’s, Arthur Conan Doyle, Oscar Wilde.. and more.

Today was amazing. I am reading Sidney Sheldon books. I love them. Suckers for mystery, suspense and thriller books say, he is a master story teller and he is.

There’s not a single book I have read from him and I felt bored, not only that, but he seems like a nice personality.

My favourite books from him are “Nothing lasts forever” and “Are you afraid of the dark?”, “the naked face”is quite good too. Many people are into Agatha Christie, I am interested in Mary Higgins Clark, Sidney Sheldon and Arthur Conan Doyle.

Have you had that feeling when you know you have to stop reading and you tell yourself this is the last sentence but you never stop, me too. I read only 40 pages a day but I still feel the same.

Books are really our friends. I have learned so many lives from them. I can never stop reading, it’s taught me so much. Especially the Harry Potter series. I have read Jim Kay’s version and it’s perfect. I can’t imagine not wanting to read those books again.

I love Neil Gaiman’s “the graveyard” and Emma Donoghue’s “the wonder”. My first thriller and suspense fiction was Emma Donoghue’s book. I had loved it so much, I couldn’t put it down. I couldn’t wait to wake up another day to read it.

Anyways this post is to share with you how much I love reading and encourage you to read too. It’s a dying art.

This will encourage you. People in old Britain loved reading so much that they almost jailed Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for killing Sherlock Holmes. Yes, jail :0.

And most of the Britain in the old times thought Jane Austen was a man because they were addicted to her books. When Jane came out as a woman, they accepted her because they loved her novels and wanted more of them. Girls 💪

Oscar Wilde called art useless in “Picture of Dorian Gray” and Jane Austen asks not to judge her by her work.

People still try to perfect Hercule Poirot in movie adaptations. They fail and there is always another one.

There is no perfect movie adaptation of “And Then There Were None”.

Harry Potter movies are adapted from the books, literally the dialogues are the same. Yes, she imagined all of that. Yet the movies skipped out some scenes, dialogues and characters.

A lot of celebrities have book clubs and they read all the best fiction books. Pretty sure Emma Donoghue’s on their list and so much more.

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