Blogging, journaling, friendship, fears, mistakes…(Update).

I tried many genre of content for blogging. Seems like everyone likes my life better than my knowledge, so I got an idea. Let’s make my journal come to life. Put all kinds of things I can put in it and dedicate my heart and soul to it.

It will make a perfect blog, journal+knowledge+self help+ social cause+ PD+creative content. I can’t control what people will read but I can write very well. Let’s take all that I can collect and make more than required use out of it.

So here it goes…

1)I am a great thinker. I can analyse and use my temper well. I needed the action to all my ideas, theories, concepts, terms. To make them come to life in the fullest potential. I needed to make my ideas practical. I was looking everywhere else, but I found that action with me all this time.

It was a great friend. He’s really nice and treats me well. I have been accused, named, catcalled, pointed and treated badly by people. I have trouble expressing myself. I am not much of a talker but when I am really in the mood, I can make people laugh and enjoy. It’s my secret ability.

Back to the point. So this friend helped me realize that the only way to get into action was really working hard with all I can do. It’s humiliating that you can’t control how things will turn out to be but it just really makes me a humble person. Thanks to this friend, now all I need to do is hit the cock that’s in my court.

2)Additionally, I have learned what thoughfulness and gentleness really means, “when you have all the power and the right to seek revenge for a wrong someone did to you but you decide to overlook, forgive, be thoughtful, and kind” that is gentleness.

True strength is with the person who controls his/her anger. I learned to control my anger. But I panic sometimes when I am supposed to stay in control.

Have you heard of the term claustrophobia? It’s the fear of crowds and packed up areas. I have that. I can’t be in crowds much.

Anyways what I want to say here is sometimes in some situations things seem difficult and it looks like there’s no escape from the tunnel you are stuck in. If you make the right choices and stick to them, like me choosing that friend, you can create your own light out of the tunnel. Who says we have to wait for someone to rescue us? We can create our own rescue.

By choosing the right friend for companionship, I got myself out of the atmosphere that was causing the pain and I helped myself.

Make your choices wisely. It’s one of the only things we have for free. No matter what, you always have a choice. Make the right one and like me you will be on the right path. Think and find the right choice, that is the best advice I can give you. Don’t follow blindly. That makes you an easy victim.

And lastly, don’t let the past ruin your future, my common mistake.

Thanks for reading. If this helped you like, comment, share and subscribe. Follow me for more. You can also check out my website and post.


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