We Are Back.

Elite dreams is back with another project. This time it’s different. We are back with tech services. Get smart technology at your home from nothing more than 50,000 rs. Invest in wifi, remote and timer based switches and have all you need by one push of a button.

****Smart technology****

This smart tech is provided by Elite dreams. We have self tested this technology. There’s no doubt that it is untampered and free of any kind of defect.

Make your home smart by just one call on our professional number. You can enquire about our services and further check out our estates. Smart homes with smart switches are here. Come meet us or join us by one call.

Visit us today in our office or call us at:


7021 122 533.

Elite dreams does not provide any other technology at home, unless the flat owners provide it. There can be air conditions, galleries, kitchen shelves already there at our estates.

But if the owners don’t offer that, we cannot be held responsible. We can give all other knowledge you need about our collaborations with other owners, managers and constructors. Visit us soon if you are looking for your dream home.

Make experiences, make memories, make a home.

Elite dreams.

We make dreams come true.


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