All You Need To Know About Positivity.

Why do we have to learn to be positive? We must be mistaken to think that we were naturally a critic. Or we misunderstood happiness and positivity. Positivity isn’t about optimism.

It’s about finding the good in the bad. It’s wiser to think bad does exist and bad things do happen, than to think everyone and everything is good, perfect and alright. Bad things can happen for many reasons.

Punishing is cruel but punishing for crime is justice. Revealing your weakness is dangerous but showing vulnerability to the suffering is nice.

So when someone’s in pain, don’t pep talk or advice them unless they ask for it. Tell them how you are not any better, tell them what you have done. Make the person feel they are not alone. That’s positivity, making bad become good.

It must have been out of our notice, how every single time we get hurt, we cry but we move on. Restlessness is in our nature. Everything we feel ends at some point of time. So it might as well end with us knowing that no one’s free of sadness and pain.

Pain is not an enemy, it’s a friend that is honest to you. The truth can be bitter. So nobody likes that friend for saying that to you. You get to learn and change from what she/he said to you.

Pain is like the dark clouds that cover the sky, it rains and you get wet. But the rain benefits you and it’s crucial.

Positivity isn’t about not feeling pain but it’s about surviving out of it like a pro. Positivity is about managing pain like we never had any of it. That’s some high level of management.

You only need help when you can’t control your problem. When you can’t do anything, you know it’s serious. This is the only place you don’t use management.

Seek help from any one person that is guaranteed to help you. Seeking for help is also a kind of positivity in my opinion. You only approach the doctor when you know your problem can be solved. That is positivity, acceptance and seeking for solution. As you seek, so shall you find.


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