Women’s Personality.

I had a discussion with my family. We were talking about women’s rights. I thought about it. I know now a days no one cares about temper and analysis. But that is how my mind works. I constantly have to feed it something. That is what I call fun because of my over working mind. Make it think or it finds it’s own things to think about. That doesn’t end well.

So here I go… I thought that what sense does it make for a real noble person looking for the welfare of people and the good of society to exploit weaknesses. It makes no sense. You could have had real welfare if you look for the development of every single person then why look for exploitation?

A noble woman or man or a true leader would always look for the good contribution of people. It develops the society. This means the people who are exploiting us. We all have them, they are looking for themselves, not for us or the society. They are looking for power to satisfy their thirst.

I don’t want to judge, they may be unaware. But we all needed to know this. Real men don’t hit women. And if you are a real woman, the best we can do is to not let that happen to ourselves and not do that to other women or men.

I am glad that people are changing their minds about this. But when I hear about abuse, it saddens me. I can be happy, ” if you are sad, you don’t have to stay sad” is said by my favorite artist and I agree. I am lucky I was born in an open minded family. I swear, I will never abuse anybody. I hope we all do the same. It is so common now, it gets scary.

My problems are alright now. I had ameobaisis. I took some meds and I am okay now. But my discussion is not complete, I have some queries and questions.

Like why is mostly violence against women? And why are people still murdering female babies? I am curious. Don’t they have sense? How will they have children without women? Women are human. Isn’t abusing them dehumanizing? That’s against humanity, isn’t it?

Well, leaving that apart my highlight of the day is that my father came back home from Aurangabad and my sister finally got a job. I am getting close to a 100 followers and soon I will start commercializing my blog on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

My second highlight is that I got some presents from my holiday. I will soon be unpacking them. I will upload the photos of them and my holidays. Hope you guys have fun. xoxo.

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