Diet For Personality Development.

Now not everyone of us have the knowledge and the experience to have what we need and not what we want. We want all sorts of things but not all of them are good although they may benefit you and look and taste very good. Like you may like the taste of a candy and it sweetens up your mouth and it is a benefit. You do get satisfied. But it gives you waste and nothing beneficial.

I am not against foodies but I am only trying to explain that all the things we want are not good, sometimes we have to stop and think. Question and reason what we are doing. Like sometimes what you eat is torture to your body, so you have to stop and think. Maybe figure out what you really need according to your environment and your work.

Your diet and your actions have to do a lot with personality because for development we need fuel. Fuel is not just for the body but the brain at the same time. Mind – intelligence and body – appearance, actions, behavior matter. So here is a diet for your personality development.

A banana per day for digestion and calories.

Oats, oat meal, cornflakes or 1 cup of milk for breakfast.

In lunch dal, rice, 1 or 2 rotis with one vegetable for nutrients.
Lentils and leafy vegetables.

In the evening green tea, fiber rich biscuits, dry fruits as snacks and ground nuts.
Drink lemon juice and avoid tea and coffee.

For dinner light dal and rice.

Eat more for breakfast and lunch and eat light for dinner.

Eat in between fennel seeds or chia seeds for better digestion.

If you like my diet, like and share. Leave me your diet in the comment section. Follow me for more and you can subscribe your email below. Thank you.


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