The Right To Happiness.

People find joy in recreation, relaxation and vacations. I find it in work. I love what I do. There’s always new things to try, but writing or reading a good book is my favorite thing to do. I have figured that you can find joy in the most lowly of feelings and toughest of situations. Like how today I didn’t have alone and there was no source for joy but I was enjoying because I was thrilled by the adventure of living on my own terms, having no one to please. I learned to be independent.

At the end, only you know what you have been through and what good things you have done for a selfless sake. Gratitude is great but you all know nobody can do justice to what you have done with your rights and responsibilities. So self help, appreciation and encouragement is in itself an adventure and a challenge. Can you be tough enough to not take any validation for the things you have done?

So according to me adventure is in self interest, it is in loving who you are and loving what you do. Sometimes you can have the world with you and still feel low. So without a selfless interest for the good and for the better and the freedom and Independence to do it, what is the fun in life?

A higher calling is all that a person needs to live by. Enjoyment is in knowing that your responsibilities and duties are not you. You are what you choose, what you make yourself out of your choice of interest and the higher calling.

On an adventure, there’s things you have to do and things you want to do. The thrill is that the things you have to do are not you. They are just duties. There’s more to you. You are not limited to them.

It’s an adventure to know there are opinions out there to fight, to define, to create. The point is real enjoyment comes out of the things that you love, and that gives you happiness and you have the right to fight for them. Do hold on to them, because they matter.

Happiness is a right, one of the best of the rights. And there’s no life or adventure without it.

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