Quotes That Are Sure To Motivate You.

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Life can get you in a thousand ways, but you get life only once.

If you ask me “where’s the opportunity?” or complain about not getting any chances, I will tell you how you could have died yesterday, but you get to live today.

People say that they are losers, they are fat and ugly. I look at them and see it’s human, that is enough to be perfect and beautiful.

Bad things happen to good people?
Bad things happen to all people.

Love is unexplainable, hate is incapable.

Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

Self respect is not looking for validation.

What you seek is what you find.

Knowledge is necessary.

Nothing is more worthy than a pure unselfish goodwill.

Don’t just make dreams, make a meaning.

Do the unexpected.

True love is loving the unlovable.

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