Love Has No Boundaries.


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“The collective is to an individual and an individual is to the collective”
Says personality development. And individual more than anything needs love. There has to be love individually to develop the same collectively. Love breaks all boundaries.

Love in personality development is about spirit, both individual and collective. It’s the unity in the team that shows love within a team. And there is no better love, then the one that has no limits.

If you limit love you will never know what you are capable of together. Same is in a team, as long as you are positively exploring each other’s love and respect, you don’t have to stop yourself or create unnecessary limitations.

Love in community cannot be about age, gender, race or colour. Team spirit means “we are one” and nothing defines us but what we all are together and that is a team. That is true love. It has unity. “United we stand, divided we fall”.

Love in personality development and community spirit needs believe and trust. Love can only be explored if it has a strong foundation and that foundation is built of self belief and team spirit, that is only with trust.

The best contribution of a leader is to share his experiences, good or bad. Sharing and vulnerability are great expressions of love. The leader should make the team believe that there’s no one without faults and everyone is open to share them and improve or accept them. That is love in Personality development and team spirit.

There must be connection in a team. There must be connection of an individual to something that she/he wants to develop. If communication skills then a connection with people, if talent then connection with audience, if intelligence then connection with knowledge. The leader should make the employees feel affectionately connected to him in all aspects of personality and community development.

Only with connection, a foundation can be built. If the team is not strong, then the connection is weak and so is the group or community. There must be a common ground for the team. Mostly it’s their goal but for a connection, the leader should develop in the team a common scheme. So the team can stay loved and connected.

A leader must know his team members specifically well, to be able to build a strong interconnected connection of love. Dignity, honor and respect are things everyone deserves. They don’t need to earn it. So, a leader must be able to give people that feeling of honor and respect. If you can give someone honor and respect as a leader or a member, you are showing them love. 

This is the way of love, free and unlimited.

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