Why Hate When There’s Better?

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A question has been bothering me for a long time How come people do wrong and evil things when there’s an option to do the right things? It doesn’t make sense. Will you eat rotten vegetables or the freshly cooked and picked up veggies from a market?

I mean it’s simple, everyone knows that good does good to you even though the world may try to do the worst to you. You have a choice, you control yourself, nobody can hurt you or bring you down if you hold on to what you believe in.

Why else would you live? What else can give you not the cheap happiness  but the true happiness? What else can give you a purpose that never fades away?

Goodness is a free purpose. You don’t have to pay anything. Smiling at a neighbours does not cost you a 100 dollars or picking up something tasty and nice food for other people does not cost you some bucks.

Maybe gifts and materials may cost you. But what about the hugs, the courtesy, the behavior. That costs you not a single penny, only a little bit of body or muscle movements, that too has a positive impact on you. What’s the problem? Why are we growing evil and darker?

The answer is we get deluded very easily. Anything we want makes us so greedy, we forget there’s a nice way to have what we want. We are animals but we have a choice to be civilized. Why not pick that one? And see what happens.

What happens is we decrease the amount of patients out for therapy. It Keep lives simple and easy. You will have nothing to lose. That way **THE HATE GETS BETTER** then there’s a solution.

Here are some things that get it better:

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In my life I have met quite a lot of people who have done the most evil things and they think they are doing great things. But in reality they are foolish. You can’t have a solution for the foolish but you can spread, speak and teach the message of love to your loved one, or to a person who’s completely new to you, WARNING: MAKE SURE SHE HE’S NOT DANGEROUS, be kind to all people most likely children and seniors. That’s the solution. Either love or no living.

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