What Do People Really Want?

sunset hands love woman
We had the very worse. We have respected and helped everyone. Lives are different. Things work different way for different people. I guess that’s why people ignore and avoid others. But through this struggle of staying on my own, I have discovered one thing, what people really want from you.
People think showing love is to bring people gifts, go out on a date with your wife/husband, tell them you love them and have fun with them. That all is great and if you are seeing your beloved happy because of that, it is excellent. But none of this offer people what they really want. If you have read “the gift of magi” by O.Henry you know what I am talking about.
You have got to give them the gift of magi. You will win their hearts. I am not talking about the comb or the watch. I am talking about making your loved ones feel like they are somebody. Like they have respect, honor and dignity. Make them feel valued. Before gifting them something, ask them what they really want. Treat them like they are special everyday.
Tell them you love them, hug them, swallow your anger, stay calm and patient with them, when they are in need, be there for them. Don’t do that long distance call thing. Be right next to them. Treat them like they are your favorite person. Use their own flavor of personality, try.
When you value others, they value you or not, there will be happiness in your life because you did something good to someone you love. That’s the gift of magi, that’s what they really want. To be somebody. And getting that from one person is more satisfying than the wealth of the entire world.
So how do people feel valued?
They feel valued when they are taken in on important conversations, meetings and discussions. When there are two people talking and there’s a third person present, whatever you are talking about, include them in it. Give them a warm greeting, a smile with a gentle look. Treat them like you would want to be treated yourself. Never tell them they can’t do something. If they really can’t, tell them and teach them lovingly. Like you really want good for them.
Try to not complain or demand too much. Expect from them the little you can do yourself to them. Learn to become a gentle woman or man. And love them not for your lust but for who they are, flaws and perfection.

Co-operation and adjustment is the biggest gift of magi. If you don’t get the love you deserve, give it to your loved one and you will have it back, or you will have the satisfaction that you did something good.
If neither of this work in helping you or others in terms of family and friends. Find a new way to get to them. The best way is to keep treating them that way. No one can resist a gentlewoman or gentleman.
#Be irresistibly nice.
#Be excellent with your tacts.
#Be brilliant.
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