How Focus Decreases Pain.

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You might wonder why people with serious illnesses have learned to focus on activities. Focusing is the best way to learn to face sad or upsetting things that occur in life. Like losing a loved one, suffering through an accident or some kind of serious trauma or ADHD, Intrusive Thought Disorder, OCDs, etc. During thinking you can only think about one subject, object or topic. So focusing on things that are not painful like writing help cope with pain and emotional breakdowns.
You can maintain a journal, a diary, an online blog post or just read, listen or watch anything you like. I am not saying don’t solve your problems, I am saying while seeking a solution do activities that keep you contented and happy. Keep your eyes on the activity, value or goal and let everything painful go on in the back of your head. If it has come, it will go and better things will come your way, if you seek professional good help and continue doing what you love, or anything that makes you feel good.
Focusing also brings peace because focus grows when you attend it. Anything you attend gets better. Better focus helps enjoy every moment of your life depending on your ability to focus. If you focus on food, you enjoy your meal, if you focus on your family, you are happy, if you focus on the environment, you become aware. A shift in focus is a shift in life. There are still going to be issues and bad experiences, but when you focus on the good experiences, the bad is abandoned and it eventually dies or you forget about it.
If there are some circumstances that don’t let you face all the bad that’s happened, then give it your care, love and solution and then when you go on with your life it will become easier to focus. A problem is serious when it does not let you carry on with your daily life. If you maintain a focus that will be prevented. If you have focus you won’t relapse in your problems. That’s a quick and easy solution to majority of our issues. problems, difficulties, pain, hardship, crisis, troubles, etc.
Focus can build through different kinds of meditation. If you grow in focus, the next time you have a problem it will be easier to solve it. Just close your eyes, take a couple of MINDFUL breaths and relax. When you are calm, you can organize your thoughts and think clearly. This will help you see the real problem and the appropriate solution to fix it. When you are confused, it will answer all your questions by giving you clarity. If you are calm and clear enough you can have the power to become an exceptional thinker, plan, organize, visualize, imagine and create your own ideas, projects, life, invention, opinions and answers.
When you are aware of what you are doing and where you are going, if you can do things clearly and properly and maintain doing it regularly, you have a focus.
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