Mindfulness Or Nothing.

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Trillions of self help books are published every year. But none of them help much. If you wonder why. It’s because we don’t know how to apply these things. We follow exactly what is written in the book. The thing is different things work for different people. Like a person might find relaxation in social activities while some people prefer privacy.
I am trying to say that if you follow exactly what helped another person to solve their problems, you might fail. Yes, some books can be really helpful. But normal self help books can be unhelpful. People consider self help books a waste of time. When actually these books are interesting and quite knowledgeable if you use it in your own way. By finding out where you need to apply it and how. You decide what you pick up from each book you read. Learning how different people deal with their own unique couple of issues is interesting. Every book offers somehow in someway few similar solutions, but one thing that is same yet very effective is MINDFULNESS.
There are a lot of ways to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is not meditation. Meditation is for concentration and relaxation. Mindfulness is more about awareness and living in the present. Both have one thing similar that is gratitude. There’s no happiness until you learn and savour every moment of your life. That’s not possible without awareness. So mindfulness is more effective and efficient for peace and joy than meditation.
You can practice mindfulness while lying on any side, standing, sitting or walking. All you have to do is focus on your breath, on your thoughts, your body and the world. Turn by turn. Say “I let go” or say “I am aware of my breath”. Do mindful breathing. You can lead that from the books “The happiness trap” or “The art of transforming suffering”.
If you are creative and innovative your mind will open up by mindfulness and you will begin to make your own ideas, or become creative in other ways. Self help books can help you create your own inventions and discoveries about daily life and coping skills. This is the magic of the brain’s intellectual flower. Water it with mindfulness and all knowledge will help you build your intellectual flower.
Remember Mindfulness: Concentration, awareness, presence, relaxation, higher self or nothing.
Mindfulness can be felt in every single activity you do when you have focus. All these practices are dedicated to releasing stress, making you feel better. So that there can be your presence in everything.
When you are caught up in something, you consistently miss out important things. To contribute more to the world, it needs your presence. Presence gives better quality work and contribution. Before you do something, you should know what you are doing and stay focused while you are doing it. Mindfulness is necessary for that. There’s no focus, there’s nothing.
Practice mindfulness half an hour everyday and you will have better quality work, contribution and be prepared if you are in a crisis where you can’t practice mindfulness.
There’s and easy exercise you can follow at that time. Focus for 5 minutes at anything and then start breathing slowly. If you are breathing your mind is not thinking about anything else. This will help stay free of nervousness and keep you focused.
Thought of the day: Anything is possible if you are mindful.
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