Do you have problems? This little truth might help.

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I feel amazing. Thanks to you guys in three months I have 40 posts and 38 followers. Please keep reading, all my dreams will come true. I will be a writer. One step at a time. It’s going to profit you guys so much. My dream of blogging is not about the money, its about my message reaching many people in need out there. If I can get as little as one person out of their pain, it would mean the world to me. Help make my dream come true for the benefit of yourself and others.

Here’s something helpful:
I was stuck in my own mind for a long time, my mind became a prison for me. Staying inside the house in the little place we could afford made me feel suffocated. One thing helped me keep doing what I wanted, that is to understand nothing can hurt me unless I let it in. A big message for all of us is that we often think that the problem is causing the pain when its actually just you thinking about the issue and making it a problem. Problems hurt less when we let them go by their nature. In


and out


. It’s that simple. That helped me out of my problem. Understanding negative feelings and emotions are not all painful and bad. Actually it can do good if we just stop thinking about it as a problem. It’s all our choices, preferences and decisions. When you say “I am late for office” that makes it a problem. Late was never a problem. You judged directly that is the problem. We need to have open minds.
Yes, being late is bad. But for all you know the meeting could have started late or you might have been benefited in a way. We have got to think the right way to find out that benefit. We can make it better. I am having a bad day, I get a chance to make myself happy and so others will be happy. In simple words be aware and open your mind. To keep your mind open, you can practice mindfulness. It is different from meditation. Meditation only helps concentrate. Mindfulness connects your mind and body and helps stay in the present moment.
Here’s how I do it. I lie down on my bed. Then I inhale and exhale from my belly. Focus must be on your breath. Say that I am aware of my breath while inhaling and exhaling. You can use ACT therapy from “The happiness trap” pocketbook. You can calm every part of your body by paying attention to it. Say “I calm my body and I let go this painful feeling”.
Here’s what I do for help:
ACT therapy
The three of them are different. You will figure out soon in the next post.
Till then enjoy, you have the root of your problem in your hands.
Next time: Mindfulness and joy.
Be inspired by pain. PAIN IS GAIN.

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