No Standards.

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***You are something of your own***

We don’t let people define us but somewhere somehow we get caught up in the standards set by the society. The society and it’s people decide what is winning and losing, someone who works harder sometimes is taken as a loser because of their job and position in the society. But that person is needed more and we would surely suffer without them. This is a kind of injustice. It’s not easy to be a good person but we can never know or decide that by ourselves. It doesn’t depend on job, money or status. It depends on the heart and the mind.

I am talking more about small workers. Imagine our life without a house maid or a butler. Our time would be taken up and much of what we would do would be household work. Call it as small as you can but house cores are difficult. These small workers from maids to tailors to mechanics and plumbers make much of our lives. And they should be treated better. #standing up for what is right.

But the truth is that these standards go hard on them. They don’t get paid much neither are they respected for their jobs. This is the result of these absurd standards.

I defy them. I say we all are equally important and special. No one needs to earn that position it’s inbuilt. It’s human. Unless it’s achievement, you don’t have to earn it.

I guess we have forgotten what being human means. I guess with time it gets outdated. Human means intelligent. The only creature that can think the way it does, hold so many memories, built so many things, create and shape it’s imagination into reality, have a vision, manage through the worst and make the best out of it.

We don’t need standards. A good will and your style out of the box thinking is more than enough.
We need only be confident and happy about who we are no matter what position in the society :).

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