Construct Your Dreams (Personality Development).


There are trillions of words to use for this title but I chose “construct” for a reason. Dreams, don’t just happen, they have to be constructed. One by one.

First we need to try things out, many of them. So that we can figure out what and where can dreams be constructed.

Now, suppose you might want to sing but you write better and there’s more scope for writers. So you need to try them both, see where you can construct your dream.

Now, builders don’t construct and entire building in one day. If they do that, their entire day will be taken. They will not have fun and the next day they won’t be able to show up. That’s not construction. You might be excited and you might want results. But there has to be patience. Work hard and keep patience. If you are headed down for hurry, you might destruct instead of construct.

And remember:
Every act has some result, you might not see it. But apart from the long term result, there are small immediate results too.

Like when a doctor fixes teeth. Yes, the final goal is to get the operation right. But there are short term benefits because each step is getting you closer to your goal.

The short term goal of the doctor is that he got his patient and then he fixed a little of his teeth. That can be called short term result. That is  the result during the process. The little progresses and successes that we make.

Once you know what and where you can begin to act. Do immediate goals. Divide and do little by little. After noticing that you are doing well with immediate goals, start doing a little more. The little extra you do everyday without being asked is the best way to induce more productivity. After that try doing your best.

When you do your best obstacles are going to show up. All kinds of them physical, mental, spiritual and psychological. What we have to understand here is that, obstacles are here for a reason. They are temporary and they will come and go.

We have to come in such a position that we have wisdom. Yes, wisdom comes from experiences but it can also come out of thinking, the pattern of thinking. In the beginning you will surely need guidance but after gathering the best amount of knowledge, you can begin to create your own wisdom.

The wisdom is pains comes out of the lack of understanding that not all negatives are bad. Bad things can bring good changes in life. Sometimes critical is good. A little bit of bad is better for saving some bigger bad from happening.

So obstacles aren’t really a problem. Don’t interfere or argue with them. Let them come and go, side by side keep working for your dreams.

Now the journey comes to improvement.
Improvement is trial and error. It is learning from the superiors/seniors. It’s understanding there is always more to know and learn. Improvement and learning is never ending. It is going to go on in the entire progress.

Another improvement is open mindedness. Learning to get other people’s advice and messages. We have to put down ourselves to understand that some of what we know can be wrong, some of what we are can be wrong.

Defensiveness, ego, resistance and offensiveness stands in the way of learning. Put all that down and instead of asking yourself “who is she/he to tell me that?” say “Lets hear what she/he has to say”.

To know more follow me and keep reading.
Thank you.

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To be continued….



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