Think Out Of The Box (Personality Development Advice).


People can study and learn to get a job. People can receive internship and training to get a job. People can start their own business. People can have talent, knowledge, skills and abilities for a job. All of these now have become common. But there is one thing that can never be common: Thinking out of the box.

Everyone has a different box and a different mode of thought. So no matter how many people think out of the box, it is never going to be common.

Thinking out of the box is a wide concept. Let me explain you by a theory.

It’s called the out of the box theory. People’s minds have the tendency to find all the excuses it can to stay where it is, to stay inside the box. During the time you are in the box, every obstacle feels big and impossible. But if we jump out of the box and walk towards a goal and keep on seeking a solution, turning around you will come to realise it was so little.

This is called out of the box thinking. It is having the higher understanding of everything. Like suppose if I tell you I have a problem that I am finding it hard to overcome, it will be because of many into the box excuses. You are out of the box when you understand there is more to the problem or any other subject in general that you are seeing. Our focus is limited. So our attention can’t be divided. We can only look at one thing at a time. This understanding is out of the box, open mindedness.

If you are unable to solve a problem it means you are hooked up to it and you are not considering that the problem can have multiple dimensions. It can actually be negative and still be the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Out of the box thinking helps see things how they really are, it is realistic thinking. When we move out of the box, we get hooked off and life gets easier because you can find solutions easier than normal.

When you are open minded you are free. You can do everything because you don’t let excuses and limiting beliefs take over you.
I can’t say that is a solution, but it surely is a very intelligent mode of thought.

But before you start thinking on your own by whatever you know, you must know the facts, you must have general knowledge, you must have some criteria to think about.

Here’s an example:

I thought about resourcefulness. Now resilience means making the best out of the worst. So what remains? The best. What are you doing when you are trying your best. You are exhausting your capacity. What can capacity do? It can be resourceful. When can you be resourceful and how far it can go?
You can be resourceful ti yourself and others. Why? Because whatever you do effects the society and the society effects you although you have a choice. Sometimes behaviour comes by instincts if you are used to something.

So resourcefulness is:
Making the best out of what we get, making the best out of situations (good or bad), in a way that it does not just benefit you it benefits others too. That is the brilliance of resourcefulness.

That is out of the box because I used the criteria to think on my own. When you think original, all the experiences good or bad come together to generate an idea. Whether good or bad everything has an effect. That understanding makes you aware that there is more than what meets the eye because even a bad situation can generate a good idea.

You can only go into the box when you are doing something useful that needs tour attendance. Awareness and observation are great ways to stay out of the box. You can read a book called “the happiness trap” for practicing mindfulness to stay out of the box.


Another way of thinking out of the box, is coming to the understanding that everyone sees you so little. They don’t know you like you know yourself. Out of the box thinking is knowing that you aren’t always what you think you are. Your body, mind and soul have much more. So many involuntary things and instincts happen to you that you don’t know. You can’t control it.

So out of the box thinking is about believing only those things you have thought using your intellect, reasons and logic.
It’s not blind faith or blindly following your trends. It’s choosing the right one or creating your own. Choice is yours:

Either be stuck and trapped in the box, or,
be brave and come out of the box.

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Thank you.


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