Concern Yourself With What’s Your Matter (Personal Development Advice).



If we are really living and making a meaning, we have to work every minute. If you start concerning yourself with the work of others, it means your attention is out of your own work. It shows that we are not sincere about our journey to success. That is a problem.

There’s no use of interfering in others matters because you cannot control it. It doesn’t improve or ruin your life. It is a waste of time, efforts and labour.

People who are really working for their dreams become busy with their work. They have no time to look at what others are doing. That has nothing to do with our lives. People are different, so are their lives. What works for them in their lives might not work in our own.

This world is of action. There will be an equal and opposite reaction. The reactions of concerning yourself with irrelevant matters is that:

We start to desire things that are not our own. That leads to insecurities and dissatisfaction.

Further it is a path of jealousy and hatred. We have the right to speech not the right to hatred. This is a kind of oppression. People are prevented from going to the top out of jealousy. Everyone deserves the right to happiness. That takes it away. That is the oppression of rights.

Interfering sometimes leads to bigger problems. People get into trouble for interfering in others lives.

The psychological effects of backbiting and gossip are poor on the mental health which is a consequence of interfering in others matters.

There are 3 super concerns in your life:

What can I do? What’s in my control?
What is life giving me and how can I use it?
What is coming my way? How can I accept it and establish myself in the present?

Do what’s in your control.
Let life open itself to you and show you the way.
Accept what comes along.

Once you start focusing and concerning yourself about these things, you will see other things will lose hold of you.

Here’s some more things that help:

Do what’s in your control.

Let life open itself to you and show you the way.

Accept what comes along.

Never be afraid.

Don’t regret, guilt or torment yourself.

Don’t believe in anything accept for what you have thought about and it seems logical.
Don’t blindly follow the flow.

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