Don’t Believe People Easily (Personality Development Advice.)

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I love the idea of trying something new. I have always loved that there are tons of things to know and to do. I love diversities in people, places, food, etc. I love the fact that there is more to know even when you have learned and done a lot.

One of the things that interest me is how people’s personalities are different. That curbed my path to PD, personality development. Personality development can be called self help. Where I give ideas, advises and solutions, remedies to things. This is my first blog about it.

Don’t believe in people easily.

It’s great to be vulnerable but that is in a different context. In the common tough life, we need to start to not believe every word they say. The World is set in a way to try you all the time. We need to keep calm. We need to understand that people are out there to give their opinions, speak their minds and criticize when they find something wrong.

Looking at it normally it is nothing wrong. But things can be used in the wrong context and thats what people do to feel good about themselves, bring other people down. They say you cannot do anything and not every one can be great.

The reality is everyone can be great. But some professions and tasks are given importance and an ideal has been set up. That makes us believe that we are ordinary. We are exceptional.

Fixing a car is not easy, neither is working as a housemaid, tailor or butler. No work is big or small. Together the working class can better the society. The most exceptional are the small scale workers and background or backstage teams and groups.

So one thing we should all remember is to consider the right people for good advice. Try not to approach people you are not sure about. Don’t believe people easily. Some people are out there to pull others down and make them unhappy about themselves. Anything you want starts from you. Don’t accept it or believe in it. Don’t even think about it. Let it go.

If we keep on thinking about these little things we can never be truly happy.

Many people have lack of believe in themselves and sensitivity to the opinions and beliefs of others. This will not help you build happiness.

If you don’t have belief in yourself, no matter how impressive and talented you are, nobody is going to believe in you or your work.  To be able to believe in yourself there has to be a shift in focus. Focus on what you want and keep working for it. 

Every time you work for what you want, you get a step closer to your achievements. This helps build confidence. The more prepared you are is the more confident you will feel and the more better you will get with things you love. 

Focus is everything when you are believing in something. Your focus become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your belief. Your belief becomes an achievement when you work for it (act on it).

Focus on the positive. Focus on what more you can do for what you believe. Don’t believe in people, they are ready to bring you down. Be forewarned.

Believe in things you find right by your using the intellect and your ideas.


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