How To Keep On Developing?


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Personality development may look easy on the outside but in actuality it is far more complex. Many psychologists have thought on this topic like Piaget and Freud. They came up with personality development theories.

Some say by the age of 30 or 40 personality is set. While some people say environmental changes keep on developing the personality.

Personality development leads to collective development. An individual’s diversity and uniqueness leads to collective development. Every person must be an asset to a group, community and nation. This makes personal growth not only a public virtue but a personal virtue. 

So, we have to keep on developing throughout life. Sometimes a little less and sometimes more, but the importance is in doing that one step extra and making the efforts not in who reaches first and who wins. Every human develops a different personality at a different time regardless that they may live under the same roof and be born to the same parents. 

There are factors through which a person develops like genetics and environment. But everyone has an option. So, it’s great if we purposely from a young age start to develop on our own.

 Yes, we can use teachers, professors, speakers, peers and parents. But getting a tutor is a common idea.

A better idea is to learn through experiences, instances, incidences and situations.

This world is highly practical. We need to be actors, thinking alone won’t help in development.

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What really helps in personality development is experience, going out of the comfort zone, doing a little beyond your capacity, something new and fresh, something you haven’t tried before.

Using your own innovative ideas are a sign that you are developing. Creativity and innovation are the best asset in personality development.

A person who is well developed and well taught has a rich mind and heart. That is personality development. Reaching to the peak of learning and never stopping for more.

Developing skills and talent are great assets. An artistic skill may come in handy. Skills like painting, sketching, singing, or professional skills like management, writing, journalism, mass media, clinical skills are all great and having another extra skill on the list is absolutely resourceful.

Skills are the real thing. Your degree gets you a job but your skills get you a life, promotion, income and better living standards.

So over all personality development can be achieved by attending to your personality as a whole. Never letting fear stop you from doing what you want. Being brave and confident with what you want to do and preparing for it.

Remember content, creativity, thinking, preparation, presentation and experiences are important, really important.


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