An Important Message For Personal Development.

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I am interested in this topic since the time I started reading and I cannot get enough of it. It’s far too interesting to put down.

I have had this as a subject when I was in school. But I was unfortunately timid at that time, so, I never got to explore this subject.

Now given that opportunity, I want to make the best out of it. I want to make people understand and put forward this message. I didn’t get to put it forward before.

Here it goes,
Everyone deserves to know before they are anyone else’s, they are themselves. We expect rights from other people. Before that we have rights over ourselves.

There’s something I understood and I am putting it down in simple words: Every person should be personally so developed that they have their own authentic answers, thoughts and ideas of everything.

Individual development is to collective development and collective development is to individual because collectively developing can be done at it’s best only after division of labour.

Imagine how developed a community group, an institution, an organization, or a nation would be if everyone has their best individual opportunities and chances to express themselves.

That is the basis of this message, that individuality and dignity are healthy and necessary. But don’t let it become your only priority. You can love yourself to love others.

You should: do to others what you want for yourself.

But also:

Do to yourself as you expect from others.

Don’t torment yourself for little things. Don’t be hard on yourself.

Don’t ever easily trust or believe people. A little reserved is never bad. Be careful who to and where you are heading and keep track, belief and consistency.

My message here is understand that denying yourself anything that you must have is wrong. Don’t listen to people and do things that are counter to your happiness, your development.

I believe that people like you and me, must have ideas. Self thought, analysed and filtered ideas about our own subject of interest. Be it music, science, psychology etc. Everyone should be liberated so much that they start developing their own analysis of things.

Thank you for reading. I hope I got my message across. If you liked it share and like it. Follow for more and comment your ideas. Subscribe me through your email.


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