Life Is Not Fair?


Today I feel a bit angry really. Making someone do something you don’t do yourself is bad. It’s hypocrisy. Some leaders I have met do that all the time. I am not that lucky with people. I have known mean famous bullies, hypocrite leaders, disappointing followers yet that didn’t move me from being me and living my dreams.

Life is not unfair. It’s independent. We don’t often decide what we get. We meet people we need not what we want. Good or bad people both can sometimes make a great positive impact.

Sometimes things may seem bad at a point of time. In reality it is a tricky way to get you where you should be. It makes you who you are. Like if I hadn’t been insulted yesterday, the next day I wouldn’t fix the mistake. It comes down to how you think, what you seek and how you interpret incidences in your life.

You can take it as an insult and give it back, you can use it as a stepping stone, you can make it a lesson, you can use it to inspire you. There’s a thousand ways to take something. Depends on your nature, your personality and preference.

My choice is to make the best put of the worst. I know as long as I respect myself no one can take it away. No one controls me.

Second things second, don’t you tell me who you think I can be. I am the one at the sail. I am the master of my sea.

Oh oh oh oh.
🙂 :D.

I am going back home. In this tropical country, travelling for home is like doing stone labour in the heat of the sun. It’s like factory labour. If you ask me what is really unfair. It is travelling in the hot sun to college where you get only two lectures for nothing but a memory test. Literally, nobody here cares about the real knowledge. My real talent is basically nothing but an alphabet on a certificate.

Don’t tell me you haven’t felt so. Like wanting to self educate yourself by your own ideas but then that can’t get you a degree. A degree here gets you your living. Nobody cares about personality, character, intelligence or nature. It all means nothing to schools.


Now here how do I stay resilient?

I remember that I could have been on the streets or in a third world country or a war zone. It could have been much worse. But it isn’t. That makes it easier to accept something and improve on it.

Second thing is to know that everything is temporary, only change is permanent. So someday whatever you have is going away.
The one best thing to remember about this is that you are going to get and keep getting things throughout your life. As long as you are working don’t worry about things not going your way. Or life feeling unfair.

Thought of the day: There is nothing permanent. Except one thing, your control over you.

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Why do you think life is fair or unfair?


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