Live Before You Are On Your Death Bed.

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People wait for the time when their death is close to start getting serious about life. We all dream but many fail. We want to have leisure more than work. I am not against fun. But I believe anything too much makes the result the opposite of what you want.

If you want something bad, you work for it. First you need to dream before you are too old to live it. Life is short, you can have fun, but we need get some work done simultaneously.

Brain’s  has two sides, creative and fun, the other discipline and analytical. There has to be a balance. There’s no fun without work and no work without fun. What is worth enjoying if you haven’t achieved something. There’s no fun in celebrating without working hard and harder.

I mean the joy in celebration is not because it’s a celebration. It’s because we have done something worth celebrating. Or maybe we have worked a lot and fun seems an exciting thing.

Yolo is living your dreams and working hard and fighting everyday till the end. We are not here to give in or give up. We are here to fight till the end. We are here for a reason and we must live it till the end.

Fight, fight and fight right now and till the time you can’t do that anymore. That is the real yolo.

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