The Dark Parts Of You.

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The time you decide to be a better person than your older self, you realize the darkest things you have done, and it hurts. Pain is everyone’s familiar friend that they have seen. But they don’t want to see them anymore. It’s like the backsliding friend that makes you feel bad about yourself, every time you see or meet them. They are there and you can’t do anything about them.

Sometimes the things that people say and do to you, eats your good from within and then it’s hard to keep your grace. But some people don’t want to be bad. They don’t want to turn into the people the world is dying to make them. This blog post is for them.

I have been bad sometime when I was young and I admit to the fact. But since I gave it up all for a special person, I have made a vow to not return back. And I have not returned. I have not disappointed. I hope this blog reaches people in need and helps them fix themselves like I have.

Get as far away you can.

Out of sight, out of mind. If you are anywhere near anything bad, run as far away you can from it. Avoid it at all costs. Don’t get back to the people who have made you that.

Sometimes it’s no ones fault. Bad things just happen and sometimes some circumstances make you do bad things. Sometimes running away and avoiding or ignoring it is the best you can do. I know it doesn’t solve the problem but it keeps you from getting into it.
Move as far away as you can.

These things get you nowhere but darkness and more darkness. You may temporarily feel happy but the happiness is not real. The reality of evil is foolishness and sadness. It looks attractive but it is misleading. It is ugly.

Give yourself the honest truth.

Sometimes all the good comes in the bitter taste. It’s called the honest truth, good or bad, bitter or sweet. If you know the truth, the real reality of things; you know what you have done wrong. What opinions, choices, actions and decisions you took were really bad. You get a chance to correct them by the words of truth.

Care about the truth nowadays. It’s easy to get deluded, lost and confused. Find a reliable person. Your family, your friends, a tutor, a great leader or a wise mature woman or man.

grayscale photography of human skull
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Turn back human.

People say that greed and cruelty is human nature. I refuse. We are evil but we are good too. Where humanity can be bad, it can be good too. Really good. We have something that other animals don’t have, a choice. A chance to be more than the bad version of ourselves. It’s all a lost wanderer needs. If we just take time to listen to a person in crisis, we can save their lives.

People need others, we are animals but we are SOCIAL animals. No one can be social if they take on an evil attitude. Listen to good words and humanity will speak for itself.

That is human. We have lost track of how we were made. We were made natural. We were made with mercy. #Turnbackhuman.

Expect little.

No matter how much you give it is never going to be much compared to what the nature has given you. Although the love of just one person is enough to be happy, we have to start giving God or nature back whatever it has given us.

Since we cannot give enough, we shouldn’t expect too much either.

High self dignity

Have such respect for yourself that people respect you an get inspired by you. Be out of the darkness, people will be drawn into the light because of you.

Don’t give in to any person just because they are attractive. See more than that. You are a person of your own. Be that, have a strong sense of identity and self respect.

These are my suggestions to help you get into the light from your own darkness. If you like it, like, share and follow. You can also subscribe your email for notifications. Comment your suggestions to me.
Thank you.



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