Drop Resistance, Adopt Resilience.

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I can’t say how many people or who, but many people like me get defensive easily. Resistance is a habit no one can ignore since we all know we have reflexes and we tend to be reactionary. But there are ways to bring this selfish attitude down.

Resistance is selfish because it prevents us from understanding the other person’s point of view, and that way we don’t get to learn much from others.

Psychologically good things have good effects on the mind. So basically by being selfish we are patronising our own lives.

A better way to stand up for yourself is resilience. It’s useless to convince the foolish.

By adopting resilience we convince our hearts that we are one of the many people. We are special and important but that is a gift. It is something we have earned so we have to stay humble.

This way the insults don’t hurt because you are ignoring them and you make the best out of it. Ignoring and keeping up your job saves a whole lot of quarrel and argument which is a waste of time.

Nobody defines and changes your life but you. You don’t need to feel offended. That’s the power of resilience, it solves a whole lot of problems.

To resist a violent reaction we must learn to first be kind to ourselves. Self love is good as long as it doesn’t interfere with your goodness to others. Try to love yourself without being selfish. It will help be a better person and that will do good to your mind, body and soul.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Thought of the day: Simply ignore the haters.
It is not wise or intelligent to convince the foolish.

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