The Intelligence, Self Belief And Good will.

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I have been living my principles the day I discovered them. My parents have unknowingly put an impression on me. They have taught me that life is not living unless you act on what you think, what you dream, what you learned. The power of the intellect to shape and bring ideas to reality is essential.

There’s no living a dream unless you act on it. Unless you do what you are supposed to do for it and never stop unless you have it. People who literally want something bad always succeed. They get what they want because they never stop trying to have it. How long can anyone keep anything from you? Not for a day, nobody has the patience.

The patience to do something is with the person who really wants to do it and they do it with a goodwill. Not for money, not for fame or power, but for the want. The burning desire and passion to do something for an unselfish will. The good will sets your intentions.

The person who intends to do something with intelligence and good will is able to make it happen. And nobody is able to stop them because they don’t intend to stop themselves. 

Belief turns into reality. Reality is what you choose. What you choose makes you and no one controls that. You can be happy. You need only concern yourself with what you do and believe in it.

I have found some inspiration in books. Much of it I thought myself and the rest of it I earned as I begun to live my principles and bring my ideas into existence.

Here’s some of them:

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Expect from others the little you can do for them (be gentle, kind, overlook).

Seek what you want to find.

When you want something bad, you work for it.

When you want something bad, you never stop trying to have it.

You are what you make yourself. No one decides who you are.

Do all the good you can do before you are on your death bed.

True love is unselfish. Love people for who they are and not for what you want or you like in them.

Be natural, irresistibly nice and brilliant.

Resourcefulness is to know where to channel your talent and skills.

That’s it for today. If you like my ideas, do share them. Like and follow if it helped you and share your thoughts in comments.



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