Passion Isn’t Everything, There’s More.

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Today was a perfect day. I wasn’t sad at all and I created the whole story of my book. It sounds great. I have an idea to make the book unique. I have begun to write. I am still writing the long beginning. It’s tough and one sentence takes hours to write. I need so much of time, efforts and thought.

You have to have something that motivates you to keep going. That for me is someone bigger. Someone to be determined to. I can’t reveal that because it’s personal. But there’s something I learned that I want to share.

Passion is not everything. You reach what you wanted to do all your life and then you are feel like “that’s it?”. There’s something more. It’s having a higher calling.

Something to live for, something to understand as something bigger than you, a purpose, something that brings stability and peace. Something like morals and values. I am not saying this in a manner of orthodox thinking. I am myself a rational and reasonable person, I am saying this is an intelligent way. There’s so much to learn and do if we just pull out our hands and believe in an open mind.

We need a permanent purpose. Something that gives you countless things to do. A sense of morality is important. Unless you channel what you do into something good, you won’t be making a real meaning. That is something we should all think about. Be open minded and see beyond the little things we have. Not let what we have blind us of what is more.

Did you know we only have knowledge of 1% of the universe and rest all is dark matter?

It’s true you can google it.
So passion must be contributed to something bigger and better than all of us. Something like the common good or spirituality.
Thought of the day – There’s more to your life than what you see and understand in the present moment.
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Thank you for reading.


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