Can We Stop All Of This?

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Today was a great day. I have completed all my projects. I got to submit them on Saturday. I am excited. I made them very well. And I offered such a good presentation.

I am happy but sometimes, it feels like when is the day going to end. So many long working days. So many things to get done before time. It’s so long. I have been up since 6 ‘o’ clock and now it’s 4:23 pm. So long.

I am stressed out about exams. They are on 15 October. I am nervous. Wish me best of luck.


I was bullied when I was younger. It was not bad but people used to backbite about me. There was this girl who convinced people that I was evil and everyone believed her but one, my best friend. I told myself that day that this wasn’t for long. I was going to live my own life. It was true. In the long run only what you think about yourself matters. And now I have changed, become such a good writer. I am already writing a book. Good to know that’s there are readers interested to read this. Thank you.
Let’s for a moment think how evil it is to know someone suffering and not do anything about it. I am talking about bullying. Can we stop all of this? Can we consider all people are us, because they breathe the same air, live on the same land and eat the same food . It does no good  to you when you hurt someone that bad. I am anti bullying. What about you?

I believe we all deserve to be heard. No matter what we believe. No one should suffer and when someone does, strength is to admit it, speak about it and ask for help. We all have a problem that has no way out, sometimes accepting is the way out. It has made me realize that happiness is not in possessing great things but it is in creating happiness by the things you already have, that is the thought of the day.

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