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Today I am completing another project while listening to Kelly Clarkson’s songs. The new songs and some other ones. It is great to have enough alone time. But sometimes it gets hard to keep a balance,  between privacy and family.

My family is amazing to me. We are each other’s support team, although we fight a lot. I am glad to be raised by a mother like mine.

You might have a mom. She might be the bomb but ain’t nobody got a mom like mine.
She taught me to be independent and strong. We have problems but the best part of having a family is knowing that they are always going to love you no matter the problems. They don’t care about what and how you are, they advice you lovingly and warn you because they care.


There was a problem. I forgot to wear my sun’s screen and I got tanned. I loved it. I find dark skin really attractive. Imagine how great dark skin and a different eye colour would look like. It would look very appealing. Now, I love all colours, but some people have a problem with dark skin. I have had enough of this. We all have had enough.

It is not cool to hate people and pick on them for believing in things different from yours. We all can disagree and still be sisters and brothers, right? I mean, what difference does some cultural shocks make? Yes, a lot of misunderstandings. But they are for enjoying the differences. It would be so cool if everyone had the chance to travel the whole world. Getting to know a new person is like that. Then why the hatred?


I don’t mind people having their own preferences but hating on a preference that is not yours is wrong. This world is for all kinds of people. So if someone hates us and doesn’t want any of us to be here, that is not okay.

Nobody can expect all people to be like each other, but one thing everyone can do is co operate and co exist.

So, A dark color is not inferior, fat is not ugly, religion is not superstitious or ignorant, girls are not weak, Muslims are not terrorists and it is not anyone’s right to punish the LGBT. We all are one in our diversity and diversity is great. 

Thought of the day – Compassion isn’t between two people who like each other but between two people who enjoy each other’s differences and co operate with them.

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