In The Middle Of The Darkness.

lighted candle
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Morning and night.

I have been through pain. Like everyone has, but since a couple of days, I have had really bad anxiety. I am sick with many diseases, but I never hide behind them. I am not afraid of anything. My beliefs taught me to fear things that are worthy of being feared. I have learned to fear the consequences of my actions.

I can’t reveal some things but I can surely affirm that diseases have helped me shape my life. They have taught me to think, reason and have a good temperament.

Since a lot of time I have realized that somewhere in darkness, some place there is light. From the dark, the light will be pulled out and from the light darkness. I have to learn to be optimistic and resilient. That is the only way, road and path out of the darkness.

Today was a tough day, I didn’t get my lemonade. This day was so hot. It’s hard to live in tropical country with the type of clothing we have here. I learned today that I can be happy about the little things in the darkness and change it all for me. Focusing on something that you love, something that makes you happy, something that make you comfortable in your own skin and something that doesn’t make you insecure is everything.

The best advice I can give to anyone, is focusing on the good things, the meaningful things you can or want to do before you are on your death bed. It’s never late. A wise man told me that people only amuse themselves till death comes and then they get in their senses. Then it is too late.

I am glad there is darkness, the dark of everyday makes me happy that there is the sun that will bring the light back to me. And when it comes I will be ready to make the best out of it. I hope it turns out to be the same for all of us. Let’s acknowledge the darkness so that when the light comes we can use it for better’s sake.

Thought of the day – The darkness will start making sense when you realize it’s for a reason, for a meaning.


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