6 Lies Exposed.


Tell-the-truth.jpgWe are often lied to about reality, people, important information, news, media and other things. It is impossible now to escape lies but there are signs that help predict who is lying. Sometimes things come unexpectedly. Lies are like that. Some people are good liars. So many times it is easy to be lied to. Some realities are hidden from our eyes. There are things we should know.

Not necessarily all these things are important. But nobody deserves to be deceived. Nobody should be misinformed or misinterpreted.


So here are top 6 lies you should know

There are ideals.

This is the biggest lie that can be told. All stars don’t shine the same way. Some stars have brighter light, some stars are smaller in size. We all can shine in our own time. We can shine in our own ways.

Sexism is about gender.

Sexism is to both man and a woman. Sexism can be to anyone. It isn’t to a female alone. Sexism is about humanity. Every gender deserves to be treated as a human. Nobody should be criticized, abused, objectified of disrespected for their gender or beliefs. Feminism is about humanity. It’s not a female or male who is mistreated, it is a human. Both are about humanizing the opposite sexes.

There isn’t a God.

This is another big lie. God’s existence can be proved by present day science. Like by the deep understanding of the DNA. The argument ends by closing on that god’s inexistence can’t be proved either.

Opposites attract.

Two different people have two completely different lives. It’s impossible for them to understand each other perfectly. This is a myth or a misunderstanding. There might be exceptions.  It is probably yin and yang. Somewhere inside they are similar to each other. That is why they attract. They bring out some similar traits in each other. In reality like attracts like, like Napoleon Hill, Louise Hay, Dale Carnegie and many other personality development and success writers admit in their books.

Physical power is strength.

This is a lie because losing temper is very easy and so is shouting and yelling at others. Giving into fighting it is not difficult. The real strength and difficulty is in controlling yourself when it is easy to give into something evil. Strength is to use your intelligence and control yourself. It takes great nobility to be good to a person who criticizes, deludes and disappoints you. That is power and strength.

You fight for love.

No, when you love someone you let go. True love is unselfish. Love is when you unselfishly want someone’s happiness. So whatever makes them happy, you let them do it. Although it can be leaving you for someone else. Loving is without expecting, complaining or demanding something you can’t give yourself. It is a close friendship and a co-operative partnership. 

Weaknesses can only be evil.

Weaknesses can be for positive and affirmative things. Like love can be a weakness when you are over sensitive to it. If you become naïve about it, it takes over you. Then a person does anything for it never mind what it does to you and others.

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