How Can We Save Food? 6 Ways To Help Avoid Food Wastage.


This world is the world of materialism and consumerism. We have become so restless and lazy that we don’t even want to get our own things done. 

We buy readymade food and that has harmful ingredients in it. Not only that but we buy so much of food that we can no longer even remember what we bought. This is dangerous. Everything is so easily available. It desensitizes the value for food.

But here’s the thing, our laziness and consumerism is turning us into mass consumers and this is a type of consumerism where you enjoy without giving others. We should know consuming without giving increases what we have, but over consumption or hoarding flips over the benefits of consumption. 

We have consumed so much that we have loss the value of real things. One of those things are food. We have started to waste so much of food.

Food is wasted in production when unused food materials are discarded, in consumption when extra food is thrown away, in retailing when foods are packaged, in processing when non harvest waste is produced.

Although UN and EU have different definitions of food waste. Both countries have food wastage. There is non stop waste food production like bioenergy and compost how ever it is not included in food waste.


Here are my self thought and adopted ways to save food

Eat natural foods

Natural foods like fruits, dry fruits, veggies and nuts are eatable all the time. They are non fattening and they can be decomposed anywhere. They are never wasted. The ground knows its constituents which makes it food for the soil, plants and animals.

Bring food that is easy to store

Well packaged food is up for staying fresh longer instead of open food. Use packaged milk instead of milk contained in a utensil. There are eco packaged products. Products can be stored in jars that makes them easier to store.

Use aluminium foil

Yes, aluminium foil might not be good for the environment so you can reuse the foil you used first to minimize harm to the environment. Aluminium foils make food products neat and help keep them fresh for longer. Besides that it is easy to use.

First in stays in and gets used first.

The food that is stored for later use, let that be used in fun and different recipes. Don’t by new food until the food in the fridge is used first. Like dry foods can be used for sweet dishes and veggies for different types of salads and sandwiches.

Take the least amount of junk food

Junk food is bad for health and environment. Junk food must be avoided so that the food waste can be converted into compost. Junk foods are unnatural. They harm you and the environment. To save food check the ingredients list and try to buy the best eco friendly and natural foods.

Buy approximately the amount you eat.

Food is wasted because we misjudge the amount and the type of food we eat. For children be cautious that you don’t buy extremely unpleasant food. Yes, veggies are unpleasant but they can turn into yummy sandwiches and if you explore there’s so much you can make of it. Like in Indian food we have spices but try to use fewer spices because they are not that nutritious and they are useless after using it for food. It cannot be decomposed. Spices can be used for other home remedies.

Thanks for reading.
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