I Wish Everyone Realized This.

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Today was hard. I had this teacher who was mad at me and I had to rewrite an entire project. I have to present a ppt about India’s development during Narendra Modi’s president ship. I did really well. I am happy with it. I take a lot of efforts. People do come and go by saying that they appreciate and they leave their opinion about it but reality is no one knows the hardship.

Even when everything’s fine. There’s one battle yet to be won. It is the battle with yourself. The battle to convince yourself to do something for a pure unselfish sake. Self love is great but real happiness comes from giving unselfishly.

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I don’t know if people realize but this world and it’s people have been through a lot. Even a tiny bit of bad is enough to spoil the entire thing and good takes so much time. I mean this world is highly practical. Whatever you do, you have to do it really hard. Or you can’t be really living. Every action has a result. Taking an action is itself a success of it’s own.

I am saying this thinking about all the things that could go wrong today but I am fine. I have the opportunity to write today. Making it here feels like a success, I could have gotten myself into an accident. I could have found no time to write this. I could have fallen sick. But none of that happend. Anything that makes you grateful, that makes you positive is a success. Congratulations.

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This is something I wrote on my vision board

When you want something bad, you work for it.

When you want something bad, you have patience for it.

When you want something bad, you never stop trying to have it.

When you want something bad, you do it no matter what.

When you want something bad, you get better at it.

When you want something bad, you don’t care about anything else.

People who really want something and they are working for it have no time for insults and negativity.

Because they are too busy working and making their life. No matter who I am, I have to constantly do what I can, what I am supposed to if I really want to live.

Bring something to the world you know. I wish everyone realized this. I hope everyone finds their extraordinary and works for it.

Thanks for reading.

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